This weekly organized rowing activity is open to all members who hold at least the S1- and/or B1-qualification. It is a wonderful opportunity to row regularly with a group, to get acquainted with likeminded fellow members and to get to know the club better. 

Weekly schedule

Year round:

  • Sunday at 10.00 am (meet at 9.45 am on the dock)

During summer time (from April 1st to October) also on:

  • Thursday at 19.00 pm (meet at 18.45 pm on the dock)


  • Rowing in C-boats for scullers and sweep rowers.
  • In case there are enough rowers who hold the B2-qualification, rowing in a coxed racing shell boat (4+).
  • Apply to epiuqe.[antispam].@karzvdehoop.nl (Nell Westerlaken c.s.) in order to get access to the Sportsplanner.
  • Once logged in in the Sportsplanner, you register your availability per date (at least 48 hours in advance). Attention: for each date you are available, click on “memo” and fill in your preference for sculling or sweep rowing.
  • The Equipe-organisation will make a reservation for the appropriate boats.
  • The Equipe rows for approximately 1,5 hours.
  • The Equipe will always row, except when there is a general rowing ban.
  • Once registered, you are expected to participate regularly in the Equipe.
  • In case you do not participate in the Equipe for more than 2 months, you will be automatically taken off the Sportsplanner. However, you can always re-apply.