Rowing instruction and exams for adults 

To be allowed to use a boat, you must be in possession of an appropriate permission, obtained through an exam and issued by De Hoop.

Rowing courses

De Hoop provides rowing courses for members at 5 different levels (with the exception of B3). Please note that all rowing courses are taught in Dutch. The main reason for this is safety. It is very important for everybody to be able to understand and to promptly execute the rowing commands.

Select a course below for further information and exam requirements. 

S1 Necessary basic skills for the starting rower, € 100.

S2 Follow up of the S1 course. You learn to row in a solo stable boat, € 50.

S3 Skiff course, € 50.

B1 Basic course for sweep rowing, € 50.

B2 Follow up of the B1 course. Learn sweep rowing in a narrow racing shell-boat, € 50.

B3 Pair (2-). Exam requirements.  

Download: Rowing Instruction Guide - rowing technique and navigation

The instruction coordinators can be reached at eitcurtsni.[antispam] In addition to signing up for courses, you could also turn to them in case you have any questions regarding the various rowing courses. 



A rowing exam is assessed by a member(s) of the exam committee. This concerns both sculling (S1, S2, S3) and board rowing (B1, B2, B3). The exam regulations can be downloaded here.

The exam committee can be reached by nemaxe.[antispam]


Instruction courses

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